We have our first social media trend of 2019. Let’s see how bad this one goes…

If it’s anything like 2018, we’re off to a bad start.

We’re the best social media agency in Manchester and London. Holding this title takes a lot of work. For instance, we have to report on the best and worst of whichever social media trend is popping at the time. No matter how ridiculous they turn out to be.

Do you remember planking? Can we go back to those days?

Catch the Engage Hub office looking like this all 2019. 

Let’s cast our minds back

We started 2018 on a low. Politicians were arguing on the news, each day another sad story was reported online. Worst of all, people were eating tide pods for online clout.

Don’t remember this? Where have you been? Unless you’ve deleted this from your mind.

(Of course, we don’t blame you for that.) 

Tide Pods look tasty, we mean come on. The bright colours, shape and texture? It’s the perfect bite-sized snack. Of course, we’re joking. But some people took it a little too far.

Sad reacts only. 

The stupidity didn’t stop for the summer, either

Drake then released his bop of 2018. To be fair, In My Feelings is a tune. Maybe it’s a bit old now, but you know. We liked it.

All aboard the In My Feelings challenge, which started off pretty strong. Famous actors all the way up to Will Smith took part.

Dances better than Jaden. 

Then, it started to get a bit wild. People started to jump out of moving cars for the challenge. Of course, it ended exactly how you thought it would end.

Shockingly bad. 


We’ll just leave that top YouTube comment right here. No comment from us. 

Well, we’re entering 2019 just as dumb as we were in 2018

Netflix’s new Bird Box film is a huge hit. 45 million people have viewed the blockbuster within its first week uploaded.

However, huge hits become huge memes. 

Welcome to the Bird Box Challenge. Participants are wearing a blindfold at all times while wandering around outside. Just like they do in the film. Are you ok hun?

Can someone bring up that YouTube comment from Martin again? 

All jokes aside, when a worldwide phenomenon is produced, the creator(s) has very little control over it. Netflix originally enjoyed the Bird Box memes, which helped the film do so well online. However, there is a line, and some people went way past it.

Netflix commented on the social media trend.

What do you think? Should we delete our socials before 2019 gets any worse? Let us know.


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