Another Instagram article?

To be fair to us, it has been like four whole articles since we’ve mentioned them. Instagram Voice Messages, is that it? Basically.

Right, we’ll give you the quick new feature update and leave. Go and enjoy your weekend. There’s a new feature on Instagram. Bye.

JK, you know as the best social media agency in Manchester and London we can’t just leave you like that. We gotta’ give you the full lowdown. Right, let’s go from the top.

First, we talked about school stories that Instagram are ‘testing.’ (We probably won’t hear about that again, but it was a lovely story though, wasn’t it?)

Second, we delved into the world of influencers and how millennials stay ‘influenced‘ by them. Kinda’ like how we’re influenced by Instagram to write about their new updates. We’re also a pretty decent influencer marketing agency too, btw. Whilst you’re here, check out these bad boy case studies.

Finally, we’ve got brands starting to utilise Instagram and the new AI feature. *exhales*

Has anyone checked on Snapchat? We’ve not heard from them in a while, are they ok?

We know this walkie-talkie update isn’t ~revoultionary~ as Instagram is owned by Facebook. Also, Facebook Messenger has had this feature for about five million years. Why is Facebook so slow at copying themselves?

As of the 10th December, Instagram has rolled out their voice messaging feature on Instagram Direct. It’s still the same as Messenger to use, hold down and talk ’til your heart’s content. Well, you’ve actually only got a minute to speak. That’s the limit.

Tech Crunch states that Instagram upping the anti could make their app more appealing to drivers who use hands-free. They could still use WhatsApp, or just you know, call someone. To be fair though, it could be a big hit for other countries that aren’t easily compatible with smartphone keyboards. *2 Chainz voice* Truuuuu. 

Remember that weird Talking Tom cat? Can we have him back, please?

Let us know what you think. Is Facebook deepening their entry into the voice market, or is this a little bit overhyped? Let’s chat.


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