Instagram and AI, name a better duo. We’ll wait.

(That meme is so old, sorry.)

We know, another Instagram update article. But, to be fair to us, they have been doing b i t s lately. We’re just the Best Social Media Agency in Manchester and London reporting on it, don’t shoot the middleman.

First, we looked into Instagram for their latest updates with school stories. Second, we took a look at influencers on Instagram and how millennials are ~influenced~ by them more than big brands. Then, we looked at big brands catching on and starting to utilise Instagram more (about time.)

What were we talking about again? 

So, Instagram has announced that they are rolling out new features to make the app easier for people with visual impairments. “How do they do this?” We hear you ask. Well, first, thanks for asking. Second, they are going to be using an integration of AI technology which will describe the photos to the user.

Fair play, Insta. 

There are two ways which Instagram can use AI to help visually impaired users. People posting will be able to describe a photo. Coined as ‘alt text’ this lets users enter their photo descriptions. So, people that use ‘screen readers’ (software that describes items on a phone screen) can hear it aloud whilst scrolling away.

Also, this feature will be available on the Explore Page and profile page too. Sorry, we honestly need to chill about Instagram Updates. But, there’s a bit more… 

Another feature which is pretty nifty is that Instagram will automatically identify what’s in a photo using ‘object recognition technology‘. For example, if a user doesn’t enter any ‘alt text’, Instagram will do their best to help out anyway. Then, the update will read the photo aloud as someone scrolls on by.

Want to add ‘alt text’ to your photos? You’ll have to go into the photo’s ‘advanced settings’ to do it.

We know, Instagram isn’t the first to do this. Facebook has been using AI to describe photos to blind users for years. However, any update which we think is more accessible for everyone is only a step in the right direction to more inclusivity on social.

Here’s a little video from YouTube which gives you a pretty good idea what it’s like to use the app until this update.

What do you think? Have we overhyped this a bit too much? Drop us a message and let us know, if you think your opinion is that important. (Of course it is, lol)


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