Can Instagram Save the Day (Sales)?

M&S is here to save the day (and their marketing strategy.) The multinational retailer, who typically have an older target audience, have announced they are starting to utilise Instagram more. As we heard earlier in the year, M&S is undergoing a massive restructuring venture.

Rewind back to April, their top dog marketer, Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, announces his departure. Further, his role has been replaced by two divisional leaders that are now in charge of their advertising strategy. Fun fact: M&S Home and Food are now separately run businesses.

Losing Track? Here’s A Timeline:

May 2016: M&S appoints Bousquet-Chavanne, as the brand tried to increase their sales.

April 2018: M&S looks to build “a family of accountable businesses, each with its own top caliber leadership.”

April 2018: Nathan Ansell and Sharry Cramond are appointed with the same mission. Let’s see their brand new fresh marketing approach…

Out With The Old, In With The New (To Utilise Instagram)…

So, what exactly have Ansell and Cramond been up to since April? Their marketing approach has been described as ‘radical’ if that doesn’t get you excited, what will?

Well, it’s less exciting when you see that M&S marketers turned their attention to digital platforms that are aimed at younger audiences, such as Instagram. Sorry for the clickbait!

Tbh, this does look good. 

The question still stands, where did the advertising budget go? According to The Drum, a lot of investment goes into outstanding campaigns… just not outstanding campaigns on social.

M&S Update: We still want a sales increase, but let’s get the younger audience shopping with us too.

This year, the Autumn ‘Must Have‘ campaign featured Holly Willoughby on IGTV. This campaign is also on other on-demand services. Further, M&S is one of the first retailers to use Instagram’s ‘Shopping’ feature.

“On the day of launch, we had 3 million customers in four hours find out about the ‘Must Haves’ campaign just through Instagram,” Ansell stated. As a Social Media and Influencer Agency, we hate to say we told you so, but…

What do you think? Is this new strategy long overdue? Let us know.

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