Fake it ’til you make it

Well, that’s what some of these influencers are doing, anyway

We understand the importance for your brand to find the perfect individual to represent it. We are the best influencer agency in Manchester and London, after all. Studies support the importance of finding the right representation, too. Millennials’ purchasing decisions are influenced by authentic influencers on Instagram.

Huge brands are starting to utilise Instagram, too. But, what about when influencers aren’t authentic, though? That’s the issue at hand.

So, what is Instagram doing to help?

As reported in November, Instagram arranged plans to clamp down on fake followers.

“How are they going to do that?” we hear you say. AI, apparently. Don’t ask us how. We’re not that clever. However, we do know that Instagram detailed plans to clamp down on third-party apps. These apps help users attain followers to make their profile more attractive to influencers.

Anyone caught using these apps could have their followers and likes dented, or their accounts deleted.

Well, it turns out Instagram isn’t all that clever

New data released from Points North Group supports our argument here, bare with. We’re not just calling Instagram dumb for no reason. Since Insta announced to ‘clamp down’ on false engagement/followers, hardly any have actually been deleted.

Why we gotta’ wait, Insta? 

The social measurement company pointed out that the “worst offenders” for fake engagement are still engaging away. Further, brands should take precautions when it comes to picking the right influencer for them.

As part of the study, over 500 inauthentic influencers were analysed by Points North Group. Hardly any of the follower counts went down on any of the accounts. Further, this shows that the AI tactics that Insta is using aren’t working for sure.

Let’s stop the jokes now, though

Seriously, without Instagram deleting their fake influencers on their platform, the less chance smaller, authentic influencers will have with collaborations from brands. But enough of our opinion, what do you think?

Should Insta be held more accountable for not taking action against inauthentic influencers? Drop us a message and let’s chat.


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