It’s Time For You To Decide.

Like X Factor, but for Twitter.

It’s always fun to look at our timelines. For as long as we can remember, funny brands have always tried to be relatable on Twitter.

Remember we are the best social media agency in Manchester and London. We have been on social for a long time.

There’s always a brand that actually creates humorous content. Then we get others that try to copy.


Brb, we’re currently scrubbing our eyes out with soap.

But, things are starting to change. We hope.

Recently, Burger King UK are celebrating official confirmation from Twitter of having the most liked branded tweet of all-time.

U.K. represent.

Kanye West coming back to Twitter is probably the best content we’ve had all year. Further, some brands decided to capitalise on that.

In November, Mr West tweeted that McDonald’s is his favourite restaurant.

Burger King, now’s your time to shine.

Their brilliant three-word response ‘explains a lot’ did bits. BURGER KING SNAPPED. 

^ Sorry, that was us trying to be relatable to the teens.

To date, their tweet has been liked 1.2 million times. Plus, over 270,000 retweets. The agency who runs the Burger King’s UK Twitter talked to The Drum about the current state of brands on social.

“There’s a huge narrative that organic reach is dead on social and we don’t agree. A clear tone of voice and a bit of bravery. You can connect brands to popular culture in an authentic way.”

Just add a bit of bravery.

Right. Let’s look at our top five picks of the best-branded content on Twitter.

Yes, a list is coming.

We’re not BuzzFeed. We repeat, we’re not BuzzFeed.

1. KFC

The subtleness of this will always remain our king of Twitter. 

2. Denny’s Diner

SOMEBODY once told me. 

3. Oreo

Yes, get that sponsored ad content, you beauty. 


4. Innocent Smoothies

Right, PC World would do bits over Christmas. 


5. Wendy’s

They did not come to PLAY on Twitter. 

Are there any we missed out? Send us your favourite branded content on Twitter.

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