How many celebrities do we have now?

According to The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), once you hit over 30k on Instagram, you’re officially a celebrity. This is due to really knuckling down on the advertising rules.

Where did the figure come from?

Well, the bar is set at 30,000 after the legal precedent set by the case of Sarah Willox Knott, a parent blogger. Sarah promoted Night Time tablets on her Instagram account,  ThisMamaLife, but did not declare the post as an #AD.

Sarah saw herself as an ordinary member of the public as she only has a following of 32,000. This number made her think that she was exempt from the advertisement law. So, when she uploaded her picture to the gram promoting Night Time tablets (which were quite visible on the post) the line was drawn.

Social media influencer reviewing footwear, she is vlogging about women’s fashion and filming herself at home on a video camera

There are strict laws which ban the promotion of any form of medication. Whether the promotion is coming from a health professional or celebrity, it needs to be declared as an ad.

The ASA claimed that because Sarah had over 30,000 followers, she had a lot of attention. They then went on to say: “We considered that ThisMamaLife was a celebrity for the purpose of the CAP Code.

So what are the official rules?

According to ASA, the Code applies to;

“advertisements in non-broadcast electronic media, including but not limited to: online advertisements in paid-for space (including banner or pop-up advertisements and online video advertisements)”

The ASA also states that on Twitter and other social networks, the same basic principle applies: any ads must be obviously identifiable as such!


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