Snapchat, thread lightly: introducing Threads

As Snapchat’s engagement rates keep skyrocketing among young users, Zuckerberg is taking notice with a brand-new app

Threads is the name of the latest app being developed by the Facebook team.

Designed to promote constant interaction between users and their close friends, Threads will allow you to really share everything with your inner circle.

The list includes location, battery life, speed along with all the other features available with the Instagram creative tools we’ve come to love using Instagram stories.

The app is meant for sharing with your ‘close friends’ list on Instagram and it is currently being tested internally at Facebook.

However, this is not Zuckerberg’s first attempt at creating a messaging app able to rival Snapchat.

We’ve seen this before with the camera-first messaging app Direct.

so, what happened to Direct?

Launched in late 2017, Direct was certainly an attempt to emulate Snapchat’s core feature.

The app launched directly into its camera, allowing you to add Snapchat-like filters to your pictures along with Instagram’s signature texts.

It never really launched globally and it came to a pretty abrupt end in May 2019.

What was the reason? Instagram never gave a clear answer.

Still, we can speculate

We all remember the initial frustration of having to switch between the main Facebook app and the Messenger app every time we wanted to talk to our friends.

We are definitely used to it now, but younger Instagram users might not be.

Why should we be forced to switch apps when the two features are already integrated?

It’s surprising to see them try again so soon.

Snapchat 2.0?

This is Zuckerberg’s third attempt at re-creating the special magic of Snapchat.

The reason behind the cloning is hardly a secret.

Reports indicate that the average Snapchat user spends more time inside the app than the average Instagram user does. Perhaps, building a messaging app focused on closer relationships might be the key Facebook team has been looking for.

When will the app launch? No one knows if it’s going to make it past development yet.

However, with Zuckerberg seeing private messaging as the future of the company, we can guarantee this won’t be his last attempt.

You can read the full story here.


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