Scam ads are getting the clamp

In recent blogs we’ve talked about misleading and false ads and how Facebook are looking to tackle these. Well we’re happy to announce that now, Facebook has introduced a tool that allows users to report scam ads.

Where did the tool come from?

Following a recent scandal where Martin Lewis’ face was used in a number of scam ads, Facebook is knuckling down.

Online scam adverts have become widespread over recent years, especially those which feature fake celebrity endorsements. Martin Lewis being one of them.

Martin Lewis issued High Court action against the social media platform for Defamation after his face appeared on a number of scam adverts in April last year. But, the lawsuit was later dropped. After coming together, it was agreed that Facebook would donate £3 million to Citizens Advice to introduce a UK Scams Action project. Martin Lewis has said:

“These initiatives, which are available from today, are crucial, as scam ads can have devastating consequences.”

One-on-one help will be provided by the project to those worried they’re being scammed or who have already lost money as a result of fake ads. Face to face appointments will also be available in England, Wales and Scotland at local Citizens Advice bureaus. Lewis writes that the service is expected to help at least 20,000 people in the first year.


It was also agreed that once the project launched, Facebook would introduce a scam ads reporting tool. The tool is finally ready!

How do I access the feature?

The three dots on the side of an advert include the option to ‘report ad’ which then gives you the option for ‘misleading or scam ad.’ Finally, you can ‘send a detailed scam report.’

The feature will alert a dedicated internal team at Facebook once a scam ad report has been filed. The team will then review and remove any violating ads.


For more information on the new tool, read here.


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