Shoelace: third time is the charm for Google?

In the beginning there was Orkut, then Google Buzz, then Google+.

With the latter shutting down for good just a few months back, we thought Google’s attempts at creating a social media platform would end there.

Yet here comes the news of Google testing a new social network: Shoelace.

Google+ part two?

Not quite. Shoelace is a hyperlocal network for people who want to find others with similar hobbies and interests.

If you are looking to find new people to go to a yoga class with on a Sunday morning or, maybe, check out the new coffee spot that’s just opened down the street, this might be the social platform for you.

On top of that, Shoelace will recommend a series of “hand-picked” local activities based on your interests (called “Loops”).

You can also organise and invite users to your own events, and there will be a handy map interface to view and RSVP to other people’s Loops.

The premise sounds very similar to the main feature of another social network:

what happened to

Once the most used social apps for finding like-minded new friends and interesting local events, has long been considered outdated.

Even though a few apps have tried to take its place, we can’t really say anything has stuck in the long run.

So, covering this gap might be a smart move for Google.

Currently, Shoelace is only available in New York City, but Google says it is planning to bring Shoelace to cities across the U.S. in the future.

It’s even taking requests for suggestions on places it should bring Shoelace to next!

so, will Google finally succeed?

It’s definitely too early to tell, but we have to recognise the potential of a social like Shoelace.

We’ll have to see if it will pass the testing phase, succeed in the hectic NYC and possibly launch outside of the U.S to give a first-hand impression.

In the meantime, you can read the full story here.


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