Snapchat gets into the groove

snapchat and spotify are finally integrated!

Just a few weeks after Facebook announced its latest app in the works, Threads, Snapchat is quickly playing catch-up.

Spotify users will soon be able to share their music directly to Snapchat, as the sharing option will appear in the dropdown list while streaming.

The move surely makes a lot of sense. Snapchat allows you to share what you’re up to immediately, just as Spotify allows you to stream your favourites anytime, anywhere.

However, we can’t help but wonder why an update like this has taken so long to come around, especially when it’s been available on Instagram stories for quite a while.

so, how will it work?

As part of this new integration, all Spotify users who have the Snapchat app installed on the same phone will be able to share their favourite tracks, playlists, albums, and podcasts.

Snapchat content can be shared directly with friends or on Stories, while the receiver will be able to instantly start streaming by simply tapping on the context card.

So far, we can’t really see any major differences between this update and Instagram’s integration with the popular streaming app.

just a new chapter for a running saga

The rivalry between Instagram and Snapchat has really been a constant battle to the last feature.

Instagram has taken “inspiration” from Snapchat for years, spanning from the Stories feature to AR filters.

In terms of comparing the actual success of the features, the data has always been consistent. Audience reach is bigger on Instagram Stories, while retention is bigger on Snapchat.

No clear winner ever emerges when pitting the two social giants against each other.

Still, a quick look at last year’s figures shows that Instagram is definitely in the lead when it comes to growth. Snapchat’s popularity, despite not having waned yet, is certainly not what it used to be. On top of that, when it comes to social media marketing, brands always tend to pick Instagram as their medium of choice.

This game of borrowing features will probably continue as long as both apps stand.

We are so excited to see it.


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