Are You In A Toxic Relationship With Facebook?

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(Joking, we’re not BuzzFeed)

Throughout the years, more and more users lose their trust in the internet giants. Can we blame them? Recently, we heard that LinkedIn violated data protection laws. Even Google started to track your location without permission. Let’s see if people still trust Facebook?

You know the answer to this one

Facebook lost their credibility a long time ago, let’s take a look at a brief timeline.

2016: Facebook took over WhatsApp and quietly announced they’re going be using the data of all its users for tailored ads. Essentially, the data collected from your mobile numbers can be used to sell you ads on Facebook. Nice. 

March 2018: Cambridge Analytica Scandal… yikes. A whistleblower revealed they could access millions of Facebook users data through creating an app. 87 million users data.

October 2018: Hackers access personal information of over 50 million users. Also, users that share the article about the scandal had their posts deleted. 

Now, we can go on and on, but you catch the drift

Unsurprisingly, new research has come out which only verifies our suspicions. One in three users says they have lost their trust in the platform. What does surprise us though is that 98% of Facebook users that no longer trust Facebook, will still use it anyway.

Where else is there to go? This survey does raise valid points though. We’ve shown you only three data scandals Facebook have been involved with recently. This is excluding Fake News appearing on Facebook, or Zuckerberg refusing to appear before the UK Parliament.

This brings us to the question. Are there huge misconceptions around the value users put on their data and privacy? All of the media coverage about Facebook and data protection issues, does anyone actually care? According to the report, not as much as we think so.

What we do know is that no matter how many times Facebook violate laws, the users will keep coming back. What do you think? Did you delete Facebook in 2012? Or do you still religiously write Facebook statuses? Let us know.


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