Ahead of the World Cup, everyone was making predictions, taking part in sweepstakes and win, lose or draw bets. Social media was saturated with conversations about everything from players to previous performance, predictions and possibilities. 


Betting companies became increasingly competitive, with more offers and marketing being pushed through every channel. Betfred needed a campaign that would set them apart, appealing to everyone from long term sports enthusiasts to amateur fans wanting to experience the thrill of the action.



Social media was rife with conversations, predictions and opinions. Engage Hub knew the best approach was to create genuine banter between some of the UK’s top sporting influencers, reality TV stars and even ex-olympians with big names like:

  • Dan Osbourne
  • Jamie Lomas
  • Kelly Smith
  • Marcel Somerville

Not content with another paid ad, Engage Hub took over Twitter and Instagram, assigning each influencer a team to support.  The Engage Hub Team closely monitored trends and conversations, using these as a basis to create banter amongst the influencers and encourage engagement.

The posts weren’t about selling, they were designed to be authentic and the engagement between influencers and customers made it genuine and relatable.