Blanx is synonymous with teeth whitening. The established brand has long been placed as an accessible but premium toothpaste and the Italian teeth whitening range is trusted in the UK with excellent reviews to support this view.


Millennials have baffled marketeers for years and seem immune to traditional marketing techniques. Although they spend 85% of their time on mobile devices it is becoming increasingly more difficult to create an impact.

It’s not gone unnoticed that every other sponsored post is about a teeth whitening product, with some enormous influencers supporting various campaigns. The focus on whiter teeth has increased considerably over the last few years and every brand is promising the whitest smile.

The saturation in the teeth whitening market has meant Blanx have been overshadowed, no where more so than the millennial market.


Engage Hub’s experts were put to work infiltrating the millennial market, using urban language, colourful imagery with both feminine and masculine vibes. Blanx’s image was overhauled and became instantly more fashionable and appealing in the lifestyle and beauty industry. It was bright, bold and cleverly arranged on Blanx’s feed to grab the attention of the idle browser.

However, it isn’t as simple as arranging a few posts. With new content to create, Engage Hub utilised Blanx’s television ad on multiple platforms. it was repurposed for each social media channel and used to set up an effective multi-screen product placement. A behind the scenes look of how the advert was created added more depth by humanising the brand.

To continue making the brand more approachable and relevant, influencers who’s audiences aligned with the strategy were hand-picked for a gifting campaign. They were chosen as the best people to support the brands transition into a more youthful, beauty conscious market. The posts were crafted by experts to be educational, friendly, entertaining and in-line with external and seasonal factors. Building up the engagement was the key to driving results, It became the basis of strategic social selling and online community building, quickly elevating Blanx’s status and growing their following.