Bud Light’s infamous ‘Dilly Dilly’ adverts saw a revival during this year’s Fifa eWorld Cup final. We partnered with them in an influencer marketing campaign to create hype around the popular phrase and encourage gamers to use it whilst streaming live on Fifa.  

 The Challenge

Bud Light wanted to build a buzz around the ‘Dilly Dilly’ adverts making a return for the Fifa eWorld Cup. Since they knew millions of fans would be talking about the games on social media an influencer campaign was needed to circulate the popular phrase. The challenge was to find gaming influencers with a relevant audience and launch the campaign with only 72 hours to go until the eWorld Cup final.

The Solution

Using our in-house influencer expertise we partnered with four well-known gamers who had a combined following of 2.5 million followers to promote the campaign. With limited time we came up with a social media brief for our influencers to produce content on their channels. They were live-Tweeting from the final using ‘Dilly Dilly’ as a celebratory term and tagging Bud Light. Whilst another influencer watching online from home, live-Tweeted as well as providing snapshot 10-second commentary on his Instagram story.

This reactive influencer marketing campaign had their followers using ‘Dilly Dilly’ as part of their gaming vocabulary whilst tuning into the eWorld Cup final. Our partner, Bud Light was delighted to see an exceptional rise in social media engagement surrounding the campaign, as well as increased advert views, and sales.