The honest parent market has boomed in the last 5 years, with active community groups everywhere and thousands of bloggers, vloggers  internationally are all having their say on the highs and lows of pregnancy and parenthood. This has made way to a positive movement and shift in attitudes towards becoming a parent. Expectant mothers understand better than ever about taking care of the baby and the importance of taking care of themselves in the process.

The parenting audience is an active one but introducing a brand new product to the UK with no assets, audience or established brand guidelines for social media is a challenge and a half!



The first step was to identify audiences, with no prior information the Engage Hub team had to create these from scratch. Researching the niche interests of the market, developing and refining at every stage led the team to position Bemama as an organic beauty and skincare brand. The identity, tone of voice and content quickly formed as warm, serene while still being vibrant and not losing appeal to the mummy market.

Social selling was a priority for Bemama and Engage Hub understood the audience’s preference was for educational content in a supportive and chatty environment. With this in mind, the team shaped the imagery and content to be that of another mother, as opposed to a brand selling the content.

In order to create a meaningful presence in the market, build trust and establish the all-important 2-way communication process, Engage Hub took a multi-channel approach with influencer campaigns, collaboration and events.


Influencer Campaign

They created a micro-influencer gifting campaign with 2 large Mummy Blogger Organisations (THEMUMCLUB and Mothers Meeting). Sponsoring the organisations events initiated the conversations about the benefits of Bemama as a product gently encouraging people to try it.



Engage Hub utilised established brands as a stepping stone by collaborating with a number of companies who’s values aligned and had similar target audiences.


Mummy Events

At every large scale Mummy event, Engage Hub ensured that Bemama was present. Providing educational information, samples and creating a buzz around the brand.