australis, a leading name in Australia’s cosmetic industry came to us with the problem of having zero brand awareness in the UK tanning market. With our expertise in influencer marketing, we used all of our power to turn australis into one of the most talked about tanning brands in the UK as part of a wider marketing campaign.   

The Challenge

Entering a New Market

As part of australis’ expansion goal for 2018, they wanted to tackle the saturated UK tanning market, targeting 16 – 40-year-olds. With the goal of owning a large share of an already extremely competitive market, Australis realised they needed a partner who had the experience of delivering exponential growth and results. With our knowledge, we understood what it would take to turn this unheard of brand into becoming the next-best tanning product.

Building Brand Awareness

As they had no online presence in this market we had to come up with a marketing plan that would build a brand from the ground up. The challenge was to create a visual identity that would appeal to a millennial market and set australis aside from other tanning brands. As they had no social media following in the UK, we needed to build a coherent look and feel that consumers would instantly recognise through visual asset creation and create a tone of voice for the brand.

The Solution

Building Brand Identity

To set australis apart from other leading tanning brands our design team put their creative brains together to come up with a look that was completely different to the usual beachy look you would find amongst competitors. The design identity was dark, urban, and filled with neon, and psychotropic colours. We coordinated a photo shoot to create a bank of imagery for use in the social media strategy. Working with one of the UK’s leading cosmetics company, Superdrug, we created a range of assets including video, flat lay imagery, and electronic banners for the launch on their website and social feeds.



The Power of Social Media Influencers

Once we’d created a winning brand identity, we implemented a social media strategy that would reach a large audience and increase brand awareness. Initially, it was key to create a visually appealing Instagram feed out of the assets from the photoshoot, as well as introducing a teaser campaign that would build hype. We created mystifying content that aligned with the visual identity and had a core branding message that the next generation of tanning has now hit the UK.


As well as using our paid media expertise to create ads that would turn Australis into one of the most talked about tanning brands, we understood the key to getting millions of people talking was an influencer marketing campaign. We signed up four influential women in the beauty and fashion world as brand ambassadors to target their combined millions of followers. Along with educational content on our feed, these influencers created their own organic content that helped strengthen Australis positioning in the market. Understanding the power that micro influencers have on building trust and credibility, we also knew the importance of running a gifting campaign that would showcase the brand and create demand.



This disruptive marketing campaign drove sales, created brand awareness, and delivered demand for australis in a new market.