You Won’t Believe What This Influencer Puts In Her Brew…

Clickbait? Completed it mate.

Our headline is exactly what clickbait is. Something to bait the consumer to click. We bet you’re all wondering what the influencer puts in her brew now, right? Well, we won’t even tell you. That’s the whole point, clickbait is misleading.

This is part of our #Exposuary campaign, where we are looking at the past and present social media scams all month. Are they all that bad?

Long story: keep reading.

Short story: yeah.

What’s the definition then?

Obviously, there’s still a lot of fake news going around in the media. So, let’s head over to our most trusted news source of 2019 for a definition.

The “bait” comes in many shapes and sizes, but it is usually intentionally misleading and/or crassly provocative. Clicking will inevitably cause disappointment. Clickbait is usually created for money. – Urban Dictonary. 

Obviously, 2018 is the absolute disaster mess that we knew it would be, it seems that clickbait won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Especially in the world of YouTube. How far will YouTubers such as Logan Paul go for views? Well, according to him, anything goes really.

Now let’s talk about Fortnite videos on YouTube. Another massive issue when it comes to clickbait. Content creators such as touchdalight have been dragged through the mud for their video titles in the past.

His first, ‘Strip Fortnite‘ which actually became a thing this year. Yeah, we all let that happen somehow. This involves the user getting a kill, and someone having to take an item of clothing off. The lovely-as-always RiceGum obviously took part in this too. (Of course he did, why wouldn’t he?)

Scary stuff.

Obviously, like the video above, some people have apologised for the bizarre videos. However, RiceGum has stated that the concept works well, so he has continued to do more.

Can we go back to rickrolling, please?

YouTube is aware of this issue. Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s head of business spoke on trying to change incentives for creators. Apparently, they’re constantly thinking of ways to create incentives for YouTubers doing the right thing on the platform.

Honourable Mention

Sorry, we didn’t want to end this post all doom and gloom. The scam had it’s funny moments in 2018 too. It’s always better when the consumer decides to fight back. Users on Twitter used clickbait to make people register to vote.

Here are our top three

Ariana and Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kathy Griffin and Donald Trump

Go on then, what do you think? Is clickbait starting to get any better? Should we call it out more? Drop us a message, let’s chat about it.


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