Laying Down The Law

There’s more and more attention towards Instagram sponsored posts lately. Let’s take you through it step by step.

First, it starts with the Kardashians. Ensuring that they disclose their sponsored paid ads after failing to do so.

How could you, Kim?

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Let’s go back to September 2017 for a moment

Basically, an ad-watchdog group compiles a database of over 200 Kardashian social media posts that neglect to state they are sponsored. However, this seems like nothing compared to recent media coverage surrounding the topic.

Fyre Festival, we’re looking right at you.¬†The Netflix documentary that shows influencers promoting the festival that never happened has caused a stir on social media. Boom, influencers are back in the headlines again.

Here comes the CMA

Usually, when celebrities post an advert without being clear if they are being paid, the ASA (advertising standards authority) will have a bit of a chat with them if a complaint is made.

However, while the ASA can take action on individual advertisements, the CMA (competition and markets authority) can take action against specific influencers.

This includes unlimited fines or even up to two years in jail. Misleading the public is a huge deal.

Andrea Coseclli, chief executive of the CMA stated that influencers have a huge impact on what their fans decide to buy. Further, people could feel misled if it turns out someone they admired isn’t honest with them.

Social media stars are agreeing to declare sponsored posts

Sixteen of them, to be precise

The likes of Zoella, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alexa Chung have agreed to change how they post online. Further, this will show #ad or #sponsored within their paid content. Free gifts they have received will also have to be declared.

Transparent Influencers Will Shine Through

However, there is an upside. As an influencer marketing agency in Manchester and London, we understand that knowledgeable, authentic influencers are crucial for the likes of representing your brand. Influencers engage more with their audience than what celebrities do in the first place.

Moreover, this gives the likes of honest transparent influencers to fully showcase their talents on social media, represent more brands and bring forward less-honest influencers the chance to improve.

What do you think? Is this a step in the right director for influencers? Drop us a message and let us know.


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