Who else in here plays fork knife?

*turns on headset* Yes boys, where are we landing? Tilted Towers? Aight, sound.

Right, we’ve all heard about the game that is taking over our social media timelines. So, what happens when social media ‘superstars’ bite back? A lawsuit, basically. Of course, we’re talking about Epic Games and their massive hit, Fortnite.

If you haven’t heard of this game, ask your little cousin. Maybe your little brother? Or ask us, as the best social media agency in Manchester and London, we’re here to help. Unfortunately, Fortnite is the reason why loads of little kids everywhere are doing the Milly Rock. From the street to the timeline, we can’t escape it.

Look what we’ve let happen. This is all our fault. 

Seriously though, this game made some serious money moves

Fortnite racked up $100 million in revenue in just three months. Further, there are reports stating that the blockbuster game has hit over $1 billion in sales. That doesn’t excuse the Milly Rock dance classes, but fair play. However, one of their biggest sources of revenue is now under threat.

The dreaded dance moves.

According to IGN, Epic Games has hit over a billion dollars for in-app purchases. These in-app purchases consist of new ‘skins’ (like new outfits, we guess). Plus, also, you guessed it, the dance moves.

Pop culture and social media icons that claim to have created these dances are now taking legal action. Let’s see who’s raging then.

2 Milly

Real name Terrance Ferguson, the rapper is the first to call out Epic Games. Epic has used Milly’s signature dance the Milly Rock into the game, which is called ‘swipe it.’ 

Loving the creativity in the dance name there.

Alfonso Ribeiro

Best known for portraying Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. His amazing dance “The Carlton” has turned into the Fortnite dance called “Fresh.”

Fresh? Really Fortnite? You couldn’t come up with anything else? 

Russel Horning (Backpack Kid)

A third lawsuit has come from that kid who does the ‘floss dance’ Need reminding? Fine.

As he is only 17, his Mum is currently suing on his behalf. 

Other artists are also thinking of taking the game to the courts. Hip-hop artist BlocBoy JB tweeted this after seeing his signature dance ‘Shoot‘ also on the game.

What do you think? Should Fortnite own up to their actions? Or is a dance not something you can ‘own’? Let’s have a chat about it.


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