Social and VR

Facebook and VR

Virtual Reality has the ability to integrate into the Social Media landscape, creating more meaningful interactions between people in their online spaces. With that, let’s take a dive into the most recent advancements in VR.

In a recent podcast interview for The Information, Mark Zuckerberg mentions all things virtual and augmented reality. Further, Zuckerberg states that realistic avatars are Facebook’s next big VR bet. But, how did we get here?

Bring in Facebook Horizon

Bringing us closer together

VR is an ever-evolving space, the innovative technology is becoming more realistic than ever, with endless possibilities and opportunities that could come from it. VR provide the user with a sense of realistic interaction, despite the physical distance between them across the world. Bringing consumers closer together to create meaningful interactions.

Due to the current climate, the time we spend on social media is on the rise. Despite this, speaking to someone through these apps may feel less meaningful. Virtual reality may become a way of putting the social back in Social Media.

Bring in Social

Social Media giant Facebook is one step ahead of the game. Already, they are leading the charge in building VR headsets and promoting social virtual reality. To start, they bought Oculus (a leading VR company) back in 2014. Since then, Facebook is developing multiple VR headsets and have now created Facebook Horizon. This is a Social VR experience that allows people to explore, create, connect with others, and play games.

Horizon Content Creator and Social media Consultant, Navah Berg, believes that the next phase of social media is around the corner:

“Imagine a place where a brand can invite their brand ambassadors to try out a product without hopping on an airplane? A place a brand can launch a press release without writing a press release but actually being there and sharing the news with a community of journalists in a get together in social VR. There are so many opportunities for brands and content creators. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Navah Berg, Horizon Content Creator

Facebook Horizon and other Social VR experiences may alter the way people view Social Media. The social interaction within a place like Horizon differs greatly from how you may usually read, watch or view a friend’s post or message. Instead, the games available for users will become more of a creative way of socialising.

What do you think? Will Virtual Reality change the way we view social? Drop a Tweet to our Social Media Agency team and let us know what you think.

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