Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

As told by Mashable, more and more teens are turning their attention away from Facebook for their meme-related content. As the best Social Media agency in Manchester and London, we’re here to guide you through this interesting relationship.

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Teenagers usually spend more of their time watching personalities such as Jake Paul on YouTube. 

According to the Pew Research Centre, only 51% of teens say they use Facebook. Further, this shows a significant drop from 2015 where at the time, 71% of teens used the social media platform.

Facebook, what’s happening?

The rise of more accessible click-bait(y) content such as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat is the answer. These platforms allow teenagers to view bite-sized content which is more appealing to that specific demographic. Back in 2015, Instagram was second to Facebook with 20% of teens hooked on their content.

2015 data looks a lot different from the statistics today. 

Research associates at Pew stated: “Today, the majority use Instagram and Snapchat, which wasn’t the case back then.” 

Where do we go from here?

As Mashable has pointed out, Facebook has tried numerous routes to appeal to the teens. From Snapchat clones, to paying teens $20 a month for their phone and internet data. Now, what next? 

Introducing, LOL

Last month, Facebook was reportedly working on a ‘meme type feed’ called LOL. This consisted of a feed that is due to win over their younger audience. The feed itself has funny videos and GIF related content which is placed in the main Facebook app.

Want to see it in its testing stages? Of course, you do. 

However, according to Recode, LOL failed to get out of the testing stages before it was launched. The team of LOL, which consisted of 100 members has turned their attention to be working on a messenger app for kids under 13.

As TechCrunch as noted, the feed has come across as a bit cringe, rather than entertainment for teenagers. More like, “hey fellow teens, look at this meme, haha, dab!” sort of vibe.

How do you think the social media network can appear more relatable to this demographic? Drop us a message and we’ll rate it out of 10.


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