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Fashion Week: Influence Without Influencers?

In a world where fashion brands can generate a buzz for fashion week from celebrities to tastemakers, what impact will this have on a show gone digital?

Influencers can have a huge impact on a brand’s earned media value within fashion week. As Business of Fashion noted, despite huge efforts to adapt runway shows for the digital world, many failed to have the same impact on a brand’s marketing reach pre-pandemic.

Despite an incredible effort, Hèrmes garnered 28 per cent of their EMV during the weekend surrounding their show in comparison to their 2019 efforts. You can watch their adapted presentation all within a digital space, here.

Wait, what are we missing here?

Brands are still presenting incredible collections, combined with best-practice efforts to strive towards the digital landscape. So, what are we missing?

The buzz generated around a show doesn’t usually come from the brand themselves. The buzz comes from celebrities, tastemakers in the industry and respected influencers with an engaged audience. Typically, an influencers Feed Post or Story Content is going to perform a lot better than content distributed by the brand themselves.

What were brands doing pre the pandemic?

In the world of fashion, brands have collaborated with influencers to generate a buzz for years. From sponsorships right down to having influencers walk the runway themselves. As discussed from Team Fashion and Beauty Monitor, let’s recap on where we were before going digital:

  • Channel Takeovers: Using an influencer to take-over the Instagram Stories of a fashion brand in the lead-up to fashion week. For a set period of time, the influencer posts promotional content, commentary on the show and exclusive behind the scenes footage.
  • Influencers In Your Show: Having an influencer walk the show can be really beneficial for the brand at fashion week. In the past, Menswear label Oliver Spencer sent models Daisy Lowe and Jack Guinness to their show.
  • Sponsorship: Fashion week sponsor huge brands to showcase the desire of attending a show year on year. Mercedes-Benz was driving influencers and media stars to and from London Fashion Week shows. Further, having a Mercedes-Benz is the perfect asset for a quick snap on Instagram.

What does this mean for this year?

Brands need to find a middle-ground of still being able to utilise well-established influencers, more online instead of offline. Do we need to start to see more online collaborations, products-on during the time of the show, exclusive footage of behind the scenes content? Further, will the continued support of influencers online still be enough to generate EMV? That’s what we’ll be keeping our close eye on in the run-up to Paris Fashion Week.

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