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Going Private on Instagram for Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty can have a huge impact on convincing people to choose your product over a competitor. So, how are brands on social keeping consumers engaged?

As we’ve seen, there are many different tactics to create and grow brand loyalty on social. Community engagement, outstanding service, the list goes on. First, let’s have a quick re-cap on traditional brand loyalty on social:

  • A Brand Story: Campaign messaging behind a narrative that allows for an emotional reaction from your consumer. Telling the audience where you came from in the most honest and authentic way possible. Resonate with your consumer’s beliefs and principles.
  • Customer Service: A great responsive brand, especially on social, can allow the customer to feel appreciated. Furthermore, depending on the scale, having someone directly to answer your question in a timely manner creates a caring and positive attitude surrounding your brand.
  • Building A Community: A brand community is having a group of customers invested in the brand for more than just what is being sold. Further, think about embracing a social cause that helps the larger community.

Wait, so what are some profiles of today doing?

One unique option being taken by brands across the world is the change to private social media accounts meaning anyone not following them has to submit a follow request to view any content of the brand.

How does this help?

In addition to jumping over any algorithm issues, this creates a level of exclusivity behind the brand. You’re rewarding your most loyal followers with an exclusive look of all content before anybody else.

Who’s doing it best?

Corteiz: The London based clothing brand has its social pages set to private to customers who aren’t following them. Creating a unique worldwide community; with forty-one thousand Instagram followers.

Couples Note: Yes, even meme pages are doing the same. This meme page with eight point nine million followers has decided to go private to get around an algorithm and distribute exclusive content.

Sedona Sky: Influencers are following on too. Going private allows influencers to filter out the negative comments that someone can post on a more easily accessible post such as a non-private account. Sedona, with one point nine million followers, has created a more exclusive space by taking the turn to a private account.

Which is your favourite from our private Instagram account list? Do you think more brands, meme accounts and influencers should be going private? Drop us a message and let’s chat.

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