How to use Pinterest to grow your brand and online presence

This is how to successfully use the powerhouse that is Pinterest to grow your brand and online presence.

Pinterest is the secret weapon for growing your brand and online presence. Whether you’re an influencer, a brand, a social media agency, Pinterest has something in store for you.

What’s Pinterest?

To keep things simple, Pinterest is a photo and now video sharing platform where users create mood boards and Pin images according to a theme to keep things organised. Other users can also discover new content using hashtags, and sometimes depending on your security settings, can also find your boards that relate to their interests.

Pinterest typography

If you want to make the most of Pinterest, it’s best to upload your business content from your computer or mobile device, Pin content you find on the platform, and add content you find on the web using the Pinterest browser button.

The key to engagement is engagement. Follow the boards of your friends and competitors, like and comment on their Pins, re-Pin (of repost) content, and share links to your website and blog on your Pins.

According to Pinterest Business, 60% of women make up the Pinterest market.

Start posting

The key to starting to use Pinterest to market your business is to simply start posting. Whether you find the content yourself or even by re-Pinning content, you’re essentially getting on the algorithm’s good books.

By posting regularly not only are you building your profile so that it looks good to followers, but you’re also slowly building a platform without even realising it! More posting means more people will find your images that will then be re-shared, bringing more traffic to your website.

  • Use automated posting apps like Tailwind to post images, captions, and hashtags for you while you sleep
  • Curate content before posting or have a theme in mind
  • Remember what you want to get out of Pinterest, whether that be purchasing activity, impressions, engagement, you decide

Build a community

It’s easier said than done, but with the right strategy and regular posting, you’ll have a dedicated fan base in no time. Getting followers from other platforms on Pinterest is a great way to increase your chances of building a community.

Pinterest Knit Con Event Branding
  • Get followers from other social media platforms to follow you and engage
  • Follow users who you believe would follow you back
  • Use keywords, hashtags and great thumbnails to increase the CTR
  • Always reply to comments and stay updated within your community.

Make it aesthetically pleasing

Data shows 82% of users use the app on mobile. What does this mean? Use vertical content and use carousels so that users can easily swipe on your post and learn more!

Take image quality into consideration when uploading images. They get compressed anyway so that they load quickly so make sure that they are high quality, to begin with.

  • Create boards and organise your images so that they are easily digestible
  • Different boards different vibes

Watch your competitors

Companies like Glossier have used the photo-sharing app to their advantage by creating boards and sharing images of their products and how to use them.

Glossier Blush Cloud Paint – STORM, HAZE, DAWN, DUSK, BEAM, PUFF

Brands like NESPRESSO have also used the platform to their advantage by using carousels to promote their new coffee machines with iced coffee imagery.

NESPRESSO carousel advertising their iced coffee

Everlane also hopped on the carousel train to promote their new line!

Everlane showcasing their causal apparel

And finally another example of a great way for a brand to showcase their shade range in a meaningful but fresh way on the platform.

COVERGIRL inclusive line with 40 shades

This is a great example of how an influencer would use the carousel feature to let their audience know more about them. This is Oh Joy and she makes DIY/fashion content for her 15.1M followers.

The Pinterest app is best at promoting your online presence when it comes to great and unexpected content. How are you going to use Pinterest in the future? Will you use carousels? Let us know!

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