As the London best Influencer Marketing agency, we’re proud to have 10,000 verified
influencers on our books. This allows us to be incredibly selective to suit your needs.
Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways of quickly spreading the word about
your product, service or event. Your brand will tap into an existing community of loyal and
engaged followers so that your message reaches thousands – or even millions – in one hit.


‘Mega’ are your top celebrities, ‘macros’ tend have over 50,000k followers and ‘micros’, whilst smaller in following, can be hugely effective for authentic campaigns. As the leading Influencer agency, we can advise you on the right people for your brand. 


Launch a product or event with the support of an impactful Influencer Marketing campaign. Depending on your objectives, we’ll seek out the most effective Influencers with authentic, active and engaged audiences in your market. 


From concept to delivery, we’ll look after the entire event process. An influencer event causes a huge spike of hype about your product in one hit, with 1000s of your target audience hearing your message from numerous accounts.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to use influencer marketing, gifting your product might be the best route for you. As your Influencer Marketing agency, we’ll do all the research, outreach and management. All you need to do is provide and post the product!

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