Influencers: How should they be helping during COVID-19?

Influencer marketing has recently come under scrutiny over the way influencers have reacted throughout the pandemic. Is this justified?

Of recent, influencer marketing has made headline news with reports showing how influencers were paid to promote the NHS Test and Trace service on their social media accounts. Others reports, include influencers flying out to Dubai for what they deemed ‘essential work’.

Do we have a new hero in influencer marketing?

Thanks to the help of Dr Alex George, influencers are now receiving a more encouraging reaction as he continues to use his platform to promote positivity. Dr Alex first came onto our television screens in 2018 when he appeared on the popular TV show Love Island. Since then, he has gone on to regularly support and promote all things NHS and health without a monetary incentive. Still considered an influencer, Dr Alex has continued working as an NHS doctor throughout the COVID outbreak.

Dr Alex has been recognised for his work by being made the Ambassador for Mental Health by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. This entails working closely with the government in making mental health a priority in every aspect of life. This is especially important during this difficult time, for people of all at ages. Many ask why aren’t all influencers doing their best to help promote and support the guidelines without a monetary incentive?

Being an Influencer is a career after all

Although an influencers job may seem casual to some, this is still a career and one in which they need to be paid for. Influencers may argue that viewers of their content on Instagram often only get to see the glamorous side of their lifestyles. Many, do not see the hard work they put in behind the scenes creating content and engaging with audiences. Influencers can therefore argue that even though this is a tough time for everyone, they themselves, still need to earn a living.

Is this just the beginning?

With Dr Alex George receiving praise from the general public, do you think this will inspire other influencers to use their platforms for the greater good?

Will we see a change in the way influencers market themselves? Or is this a unique experience? Let us know your thoughts.

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