Shop ’till you drop…

…or just watch your fave influencer sell you green tea on a live stream.

“I lost 2 stone in a week from drinking green tea!” 

Sure, Jan. 

As we’ve clarified in our previous article, Facebook is doing to m o s t. Live stream shopping? The future is here, right? But, we also have to remind you of the scandals Facebook has been in recently, as the best Social Media Agency in Manchester and London, we like to give you all sides of the story *wink*.

In October 2018, hackers accessed personal information of over 50 million users. Not to mention losing their credibility with by buying out WhatsApp then using the data from that to sell tailored ads to you. Oh, and the Cambridge Analytica scandal… we’ll stop now.

However, people are still using Facebook, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Where else are Mum’s going to share memes or post their son’s old PS3 on a buy and sell page? Let’s all be honest that is the best thing about Facebook. We also don’t really think anyone that uses Facebook really cares about their data and privacy anyway.

Right, we’ve had our fun about Facebook now. Let’s see what they’re actually up to

Before you think the future is here, it’s not. The shopping mode is only being tested in Thailand at the moment. So, the future is in Thailand, we guess. 

When a seller shows items on their stream, customers will be able to see a screenshot button appear. This lets the user screenshot and message the seller asking for more info about the item. Nifty, right?

The merchant can send payment requests through Messenger too. What is also interesting, is merchants offer incentives on these live streams. Kind of like, if you share this stream, you’ll get a discount. Fair play. Influencers everywhere rejoice. 

This brings us to the question, now Facebook is starting to introduce live stream selling, are they going to take a cut of the payments? Currently, they don’t, but this is Facebook we’re talking about.

What do you think? Will this live stream shopping feature ever leave Thailand? Are you going to purchase some teeth whitening from Stacey with 10,000 followers? Let us know.


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