Going, going, gone

It’s a new day, time to do the usual routine of checking every social media platform before it’s time to get up. “Hold on, where did my Instagram followers go?” 

Does this situation sound familiar to you today? We’re here to break it down

Instagram has recently become under fire for the fakes on their platform. First, their strategy to delete fake engagement through the use of AI. The criticism came from Point North Group, who claimed that no engagement or followers have since been deleted after the introduction of the strategy.

Further, a New York Attorney General announced a $50,000 settlement with a fake social media engagement company. This includes fake engagement on Insta and other social media platforms.

The settlement itself set a precedent in all cases of fake social media engagement, check out our blog post on the case for more.

Basically, it’s all kicking off online

Today, followers have been removed from Instagram. Could this be Instagram’s promise to remove fake engagement on the platform? In November, Instagram published a blog about their update on reducing inauthentic activity on the platform.

“Since the early days of Instagram, we have auto-detected and removed fake accounts to protect our community. [This] update is another step in keeping Instagram a vibrant community where people can connect with the people and things they love.”

However, it seems that if Instagram is removing fake followers or not – people online are not too pleased either way. According to some, their followers have dropped from 200 to half a million.

UPDATE: Instagram has since stated that they are aware of an issue that is causing changes to account follower numbers. However, we’re still unaware of the reasoning for the loss of followers. Has the AI tool that Instagram use deleted fake followers on the platform that are not fake? Why have so many users had their accounts deleted? What were the criteria for users to lose their accounts?

So many questions. 

What do you think? Is this the first step of Instagram removing fake followers? Let us know.


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