This one is pretty cool.

As the best social media agency in Manchester and London, we endorse this message (update).

Twitter has been in the headlines a lot over the past few years. Tweet decking, edit tweets and chat bubbles to replace regular replies to tweets. You can catch up on all of these stories right here (shameless plug.)

All of these updates/stories have been faced with mixed reactions. However, we believe we’ve found an update that everyone is going to love (we already do.)

The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to check what’s happening on the social media platform. What happened last night in the world, viral videos of dogs dancing and of course, what is the weather like outside.

Start your morning right

So, they are currently testing a new feature which will make it easier for you to catch up on the news. Currently being tested on Android, this places news stories at the top of your timeline. Below it says: “catch up on what’s happened while you were away”.

Twitter product manager, Wally Gurzynski says that the feature will help users discover any news related stories they may have not seen yet.

“With this update, we’re making it easier for people to see the news and stories their followers have been discussing while they’ve been away.” – Wally Gurzynski.

This morning briefing is similar to the ‘while you were away’ feature introduced in 2015. A year later, the company released their algorithmic timeline so you’d never miss a moment.

The morning briefing differs to ‘while you were away’ however. This feature appears to be more news-based. Instead of showing the consumer popular tweets that they haven’t seen yet.

What do you think? Is this a Twitter update you’re going to utilise? We know we are. Drop us a message and let us know.


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