Our Top Picks: Campaigns in 2020

Campaigns here, campaigns there. During lockdown, we’ve seen a huge boost in creativity in campaigns. But, who’s been doing it best? Here at Engage Hub, we thought we’d take a look.

When the thumb-stopping creativity is there, campaigns on and off social can play a huge part in elevating your brand. From boosting brand awareness, a change in brand perception or even an uplift in sales. But, behind every shiny ad displayed to you comes a lot of preparation, planning and creativity.

2020 is flying-by and the clocks are already turning back this weekend. With that, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the most eye-catching campaigns that we’ve seen across the globe that had the whole of social talking.

Turn Tweets into Ads

First up, Twitter launched an out-of-home pandemic safety campaign in cities across the US by putting users’ Tweets on billboards, pavements and boats. Distributed in September, the social media platform found the very best of eye-catching Tweets and pinned them up.

Marketing Royale-ty from Burger King

Two years ago, Burger King made the decision to sponsor Stevenage Football Club, bottom of the EFFL 4th division at the time. Meaning, the fast-food giant secured their logo on FIFA. Further, they offered free Whoppers and chips in return for completing challenges with the club and uploading to social. As a result, Stevenage sold out of all of their club shirts. In addition, they’re the most-played FIFA 20 team on Twitch.

Innocent Reminds The Nation

Staying true to their distinctive tone of voice, Innocent launched an out of home advertising campaign as some industries in the UK returned to office in August. Furthermore, the campaign reminded people what the day-to-day of working life was like.

Back-to-School with Hollister

Huge budget with an incredible execution. Hollister Co. utilised the biggest creator on the TikTok platform for their #MoreHappyDenimDance campaign. Additionally, Hollister used an original sound combined with an original dance challenge to further-engage their audience. As a result, Hollister received 45,000 followers and 1.9bn hashtag views in three days.

Netflix, Making You Stay Home

Now this one had the whole social talking. In March, to support staying at home, 19 students from Miami Ad School in Germany encouraged people to stay home. How? By placing spoilers for popular-trending Netflix shows. In London, these ads hit home with commuters. For this reason, each and every ad was plastered all over social media.

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