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an attention-grabbing campaign

Blanx, an established teeth-whitening brand, came to us with an ambition to break into the millennial market. Teeth whitening has never been more popular, so in order to stand out from the crowd we needed to come up with an original, attention-grabbing campaign.

We started by overhauling their imagery to instantly make the product more relevant to a younger crowd. It was bright, bold and cleverly arranged on Blanx’s feed. The best tactic to launch the product was a combined micro and macro Influencer campaign, who all endorsed the range to their 1000s of followers. Using the Blanx’s advertising campaign as a springboard, we also created eye-catching videos and imagery which we knew would resonate with millennials. Finally, we amplified our content with Paid Ads, ensuring we reached everyone humanly possible.

By empowering us with their entire Social strategy, we were able to completely surpass original targets, making Blanx a must-have beauty product and a trusted brand for millennials.

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