Bud Light

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Amplify advertising campaign during FIFA E-world Cup Final

Bud Light approached us just 72 hours prior to the FIFA eWorld Cup Final. Since they knew millions of fans would be on Social Media talking about the games, they spotted an opportunity to create hype around their recent advertising campaign, which saw the revival of its ‘Dilly Dilly’ catchphrase.

Our team turned around a stellar, super-fast brief and got four well-known gaming Influencers on board within a matter of hours. Our aim was to get their followers to start using the ‘Dilly Dilly’ catchphrase, so we tasked each Influencer to use it as a celebratory term whilst tagging Bud Light. The campaign ran across Twitter and Instagram causing the slogan to catch on like wildfire.

By infiltrating ‘Dilly Dilly’ into this popular gaming event and its surrounding conversations, Bud Light established invaluable brand loyalty whilst increasing their social following and advert views.  

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