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Reactive Marketing: The Monzo Effect

Marketing and Social Media campaigns for the past year have been safely set in home-focused content, messages that correspond to the current climate and safe concepts.

Apart from the constant pieces of reactive marketing that have littered LinkedIn feeds and provided conversation pieces for social superfans.

Let’s talk reactive marketing

We’re referring to constant streams of brands providing consumers with a reason to talk and giving marketers a reason to comment. This could be something completely bizarre and irrelevant such as beans on Weetabix to gain a reaction. Or, it could be completely relevant and provide a reaction to a news update.

Now, let’s talk Monzo

Monzo made a comment this week on the rise of accounts marking saving pots as “21st June”. This reactive marketing feels perfectly aligned with Monzo’s consumer. Unsurprisingly many responded to the tweet proving that the brand was correct, sharing screenshots of their own saving pots.

Those who haven’t already set up their savings account – definitely will now! This paves the way for brands to follow suit and appeal to the young target consumer to whom the recently revealed government roadmap provides a glimmer of hope.

Monzo via Twitter.

Weetabix proved that Brits’ love for baked beans does have a limit

This campaign showed reactive marketing in a different light. Rather than responding to a current event, Weetabix provided consumers with a reason to react. Beans on Weetabix. Aware that this was a controversial idea, Weetabix suggested that beans be eaten on top of Weetabix instead of toast.

The reactions to this came thick and fast from brands, shops and customers alike. With so many commenting on the obscure suggestion, the brand became a talking point on LinkedIn and beyond. Marketeers commented on the “power of controversy” and the brilliant work by the brand’s marketing team. This provided proof that even something completely irrelevant can provide a successful piece of promotion.

Perfect timing

Brands following suit with their influencer marketing include Foreverland who have recently launched a perfectly timed giveaway campaign. The campaign, commencing just one day following the government’s lockdown easing roadmap plan. Well known within the festival and music community offered followers a chance to win tickets to the festival.

Further, reacting directly to current news and heightening excitement among their young consumer demographic, entries have been received in mass and their campaign has brought maximum awareness to the brand and event.

A positive future

Over the next few months, we’ll see a lot more giveaways, reactive memes and humour. Especially amongst brands and companies with something to offer the Gen Z and Millenial consumers already prepping for June 21st. It is hopeful that we’ll also see creative campaigns that embody the positive turn this year promises to take.

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