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Whether you are looking to have your social media channels managed or are simply looking for some great content that is sure to receive a huge amount of engagement. We here at Engage Hub will ensure that we produce high quality and effective campaigns, which are sure to take your brand to the next level. We have the ability to send your message across 50 million feeds. Helping to connect customers, businesses and followers to your account.

We focus on making sure that your campaign is receiving the highest amount of engagement possible. We do this through amplifying your social campaigns using influencer marketing and paid social media ads. This helps us to make your campaign a resounding success and getting you the desired results set out in the planning stages.

If you are looking for an agency that can grow your audience through effective engagement and are local to , look no further. Give us a call now to see how we can AMPLIFY your campaign.

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How We Generate Leads For Your Business

We have the exact method to get your phone ringing off the hook.

Don’t believe us? Check out our method below.

Whether you are looking to increase the number of calls your business receives, increasing your audience size or simply wanting to interact with your current audience more. We are here to ensure that you gain your desired goals. We have come up with a great method to gain you leads no matter your follower size. So you are probably wondering, what is the magical method that will get my phone ringing and generate me a high return?

The simple answer to the question is we listen to problems on Social Media based around your niche and offer a great solution, this is usually where we insert your company as a solution. With so many people turning to ask questions on social media and request solutions to their problems. We noticed that we could use an algorithm to listen for specific keywords related to your business. This will then allow us to see the moment someone posts a problem, we can post back as your business to provide the solution.

As you can see by the screenshots on the left, we are able to give quick responses to people’s problems. This helps us to make sure that your business is first in line to give them a solution. This not only helps to give a higher conversion rate but also means that the person’s followers will see your interaction. Giving two advantages, the first being that you receive a lead and the second is that you have the potential to grow your audience organically.

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Who Are Engage Hub?

This is Engage Hub. We do things differently here.

We are an award-winning, target-driven Social Media & Influencer Marketing Agency. Our services combine traditional marketing techniques with a fresh approach to how brands engage with their audience. We work from our Manchester City centre office employing a team of 9 truly unique individuals. We’ve got major plans for growth; London, Dublin and New York are next on our list for global expansion.

Our people are the best of the best. With backgrounds in marketing, design and media; and with an enormous amount of experience in service and sales, we know exactly what we’re doing. Our passion for social media shines through in everything we do. We’re breaking the rules, causing chaos, and ensuring that what we say we’re going to do is put into action.

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We Engage, Disrupt & Influence.

Case Study - UK Greetings

We were asked by Best Bit to amplify their recent father’s day campaign for UKGreetings. The mission was to get their video seen by as many people as possible in just two days with a budget of £500.

We worked tirelessly throughout father’s day weekend intercepting conversations on twitter and reminding people to #SendACard.

Our Results

1,000 Engagements


250,000 Reach

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