Man Don’t Care About GDPR…

Since the introduction of GDPR, we’ve started to see numerous social media data protection complaints popping up on our feeds. First, we understood that numerous companies move their data processing operations to Ireland to run away from new European data regulations.

Apparently, this shrinks legal liabilities or something like that? We’re not lawyers, we’re the Best Social Media Agency in Manchester and London, so we’ll leave that judgement to someone else.

Yesterday, we learnt that Google were accused of GDPR privacy violations by SEVEN different countries. The complaints claim that Google do not give you a real choice about tracking your location.

Further, users claim Google doesn’t give you an option to enable this tool. If these complaints are upheld, it could lead to a big fine for the company. Even more so, this will set a benchmark for future data protection cases on social media.

Now, moving forward, we’re hearing that LinkedIn has used 18 MILLION non-user e-mails to target their Facebook ads to?

How dare you LinkedIn, we were rooting for you, we were all rooting for you.

Just for a second, cast your mind back to the US Election Campaigns in 2016. Do you remember that scandal about Hillary Clinton and her emails? Well, today’s insights are kind of similar to that, but on a really really less exciting scale.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has all the latest tea on this. Their newly issued report covered its activities during the first six months of 2018. Within this report, it highlights complaints issued regarding LinkedIn.

They found that the company has used millions of e-mail addresses of non-LinkedIn users to target ads on Facebook.

An audit of LinkedIn following the incident found that the company uses algorithms to create suggested professional networks for non-members, likely to get more and more people to join their platform.

We don’t want another Google case on our hands.

Line up, it’s apology time. 

Since this incident, officials from LinkedIn have stated that they are cooperating with the investigations. The processes and procedures they currently have in place were not followed, and “for that we are sorry.”

Do you accept their apology? Should these clear procedures have been followed in the first place? Let us know.


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