Here’s some lovely mid-week news

As you may have seen, the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix & Hulu has caused quite a storm over the internet this week. If you’ve not had a chance to watch this documentary yet, don’t panic.

We’re here to give you a full run down. 

So, let’s take it back to 2017

The festival was scheduled for two weekends in April. The promotional video is then released on YouTube. Showcasing some of Instagram’s well-known influencers. From Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid. The promotional video displays influencers on the Bahamas’ white beaches, with models on boats.

Ja Rule also promotes this festival, too. 

Basically, the festival gets cancelled. Festivalgoers arrive in Great Exuma to soaking tents and slices of cheese on bread. If you’ve not checked this out yet, it’s definitely worth the watch.

During the documentary, viewers meet Bahamian restaurant owner who lost all of her money due to the festival. Maryann Rolle, 55, catered over 1,00 meals per day. She accommodated to staff and festival organisers that stayed at the Exuma Point Beach Resort.

Recently, Ja Rule released an apology to Maryann on Instagram. Stating that he is devastated that “something that was meant to be amazing, turn out to be such a disaster.

Now for the good bit

Since the release of the documentary, a GoFundMe campaign has currently raised over $170,000. The campaign is her last appeal for help since losing her savings from Fyre Festival.

Further, Maryann has posted a thank you note on Facebook. In her interview, she said to be “mindful of strangers”. Her reasoning for participating in the documentary is to tell the world what Fyre Festival did to her and her community.

The power of the internet. 


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