Well, That’s One Way To Get Around Instagram’s Algorithm…

Rewind yourself back to 2016, the rise of fake news, a new Prime Minister, the US election, and of course… the change of the Instagram Algorithm.

Previously, Instagram had a chronological order within their feed. All day your Instagram feed would contain photos you’ve seen scrolling away at all night.

Then, it all changed. *Gasp* 

Now, for your post to appear at the top of your friend’s feed, you ensure that it gets likes instantly. This signals to Instagram that your photo is amazing and in fact, everyone should see it. So, like all of ours then?

However, we do have some bad news if you’re a late bloomer. If your post gets likes and comments but not within the first few hours, Instagram will be a bit picky about putting it to the top of the feed.

*Tyra Banks voice* “You wanna’ be on top?”


So, What Are Users Doing To Tackle The Algorithm?

As an Influencer Marketing Agency in Manchester and London, we know that there are a few shady ways influencers avoid the algorithm. Purchasing fake followers and engagement is one of them. But, luckily for you, we’re able to spot that a mile off. Plus, if you’re wanting a long-lasting audience of loyal followers, that’s only useful short term anyway.

Introducing, ‘Instagram Pods’

What are they, you ask? Imagine a group chat with your friends, you message them at 7:45 pm saying “Insta up” so they like your post. Well, basically that… But with a bit more planning.

An Instagram Pod is a group message between 15-20 users, normally in a similar industry as you. Lifestyle influencers in the same chat, beauty influencers all in one chat, you get the picture. The rules are quite simple, when a user posts a new image, they share it in the group chat. Then, each group member is required to like and comment on the image, so it goes to the top of their feeds.

There are many ways you can find a pod for you, but the chances are that your group may be deleted.

As reported by Buzzfeed, Facebook has started to remove these groups as it is a violation against Instagram’s terms of service to trick the algorithm. Did we mention Instagram is owned by Facebook? Scary stuff, we know.

Time to get serious, as well as violating terms of service, Instagram Pods for macro-influencers may harm micro-influencers’ voices to be heard. If you are a micro-influencer sharing useful content, it’s twice as hard to be seen. Plus, it’s even less useful for brands who are trying to find a wider audience to spread their products across a variety of content.

What do you think? Should Instagram take more action against Instagram Pods? Or is this just the same as messaging your friends in the group chat? Let us know.

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