Is This The New Social Media Trend?

Why is everyone doing this? Honestly, we don’t get it anymore. Cast your mind back, 2016. Everyone became really worried about fake news all over the timeline. Can we go back to that social media trend, please?

There are allegations that it won a certain person an election. But, that’s none of our business.

(Old meme, we know. It’s the end of the week, leave us alone.)

We’re the best social media agency in Manchester and London, we can come up with something better than that…

Anyway, we’re not talking about fake news this time, we’re talking about data breaching.

Sounds scary, right? Or are we past caring at this point? 

Jokes aside, we knew GDPR would have an effect on social media companies, but we didn’t realise it would be such a big deal. First, Google was accused of tracking your location without permission. Moreover, the search engine was accused of GDPR privacy violations by SEVEN different countries.

But, it did bring us this perfect video of confused politicians trying to work out how phones work.

When you actually think about it, this is very scary.

Then it got worse, LinkedIn used 18 million non-user e-mails to target their Facebook ads. We still don’t forgive you for that, LinkedIn.

Now obviously nobody trusts Facebook with their data. Mark Zuckerberg has been in front of the Senate more than what we’ve had hot dinners recently. We created a timeline recently that shows Facebook’s credibility slowly sliding down into nothingness.

Now we’re hearing worse news. Mark, we want to cover our ears, we really do. But it’s kinda’ our job to report on these things. Soz. According to the New York Times, internal documents show that the social network gave giant tech companies personal data.


These include Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify and others. Apparently, this has been happening for years. Giant tech companies are basically exempted from the usual privacy rules.

We’re a decent sized company, Mark what’s your password mate? 

“The special arrangements are detailed in hundreds of pages of Facebook documents” – The New York Times

All honesty, this is so scary. Special arrangements mean that Facebook got more users from the deal. Plus, the partner companies acquired features to make their products more and more attractive to consumers on Facebook.

The price? Your data.

Do you mind that your personal data is spread all over social media? Does anyone trust Mark? Drop us a message, let’s have a chat.


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