How low will you go for relatable content?

Pretty low.

New year, new us, new scams to talk about on social media. This week, it’s all about Tweet Deck accounts. Throughout January we’re giving you the low down on the social media scams of the year. From the past to the present. Welcome to #Exposuary.

It’s like a play on the word January, but with the word expose in there. We like it anyway.

Leave us alone.

Remember when you’d see the same tweet on six different accounts last year? The tweet would say something like:

“I don’t stalk, I investigate” 

                   340,000 likes                                60,000 retweets

*Becky, 22 from Surrey sits on her bed screaming and screenshots it to her WhatsApp group from uni.*

“Girls this is deffo us 🤣”

Tweets like these, very relatable indeed. 

Just like you, Twitter had decided they were sick of seeing the same tweets on their timelines. So, last year they changed their terms and conditions and banned loads of accounts, basically.

This social media scam can also be known as Tweetdecking. Which is basically seeing a tweet with loads of engagement and thinking, let’s steal this and claim it as my own.

Great banter.

During the purge popular accounts that used to haunt your timeline every day were deleted. These include: @Dory, @SoDamnTrue, @CommonWhiteGirl and @memeprovider.

Let’s say a prayer for our fallen meme stealers.

These massive accounts would band together and retweet each other’s stolen content to gain a massive reach. Then, brands wanted to get involved. Allegedly.

We’re playing it safe here. 

According to clickbait queens Buzzfeed, brands allegedly started to pay the administrators for access to the groups. A retweet from the groups’ members cost between $5-10 and owners of the group would gain even more money by offering weekly and monthly subscriptions to the group itself.

A subscription to stolen content, are you mad.

Twitter wasn’t having any of it though. A Twitter spokesperson told The Verge that the company had rolled out new rules in a broader effort to combat spam.

Further, Twitter said that it would remove the ability for third-party platforms like Tweetdeck to like, retweet or send out stolen tweets across multiple accounts.

We wonder what these accounts are up to now?  👀 Keep your eyes peeled on our socials in the next couple of days.


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