Listening To Your User Base? Groundbreaking.

There’s a new Twitter feature soon to be sweeping the nation. (We nearly said interwebs, but we thought your week is probably stressful enough.)

Regardless, we think you’re going to enjoy this one. As the best social media agency in Manchester and London, we’re going to also.

Let’s take you back to the good ol’ days of social media.

You’d log in on your brand new MacBook Pro. You would see the #Ask___ of a random name you’ve never heard of trending every single day. Plus, Olly Riley and his beef with every other user. If you don’t remember that one, you should definitely give that Vice write-up a read.

Did we just say Vice in an article?
What have we become? *~edgy~*

Remember when pictures like this were all over Tumblr too? Those were the days, eh.

Additionally, do you remember when #XFactor used to actually trend on Twitter? Well, Twitter can’t promise #XFactor will ever trend again, but Twitter can promise to bring back an old feature.


Say it louder for the people at the back.

Yes indeed. Twitter will soon let you switch between chronological and ranked feeds. Therefore, if you prefer one or the other, you’ll soon be able to have both.

Never miss a tweet from your pal about Love Island again. 

As reported by The Verge, prior to the change, unticking the ‘show the best tweets first’ would still resulting in showing “in case you missed it” content. Well, that’s going to change.

Twitter released this statement following the soon-to-be update:

“Our goal with the timeline is to balance showing you the most recent Tweets with the best Tweets you’re likely to care about, but we don’t always get this balance right.” 

Now, let’s just all keep our fingers crossed that Instagram sees this, and follows suit. Please.

All jokes aside, Twitter listening to its users on what they want is brilliant to see. In the past, users have been ignored following their demands to see a Tweet edit button on their platform, which is still in discussion.

What do you think? Are you excited for the old feed to come back? Or do you want us to start talking about Elon Musk again? Let us know.


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