Twitter Takes On Subscriptions

Twitter announces its latest feature, the ability for content creators to charge their followers for additional content.

Announcing their new plans for a ‘Super Follow” feature at a virtual event held for investors, Twitter unveiled its plans to change the way people use the platform. In addition, Twitter also revealed a community group service, alongside testing a live-audio discussion service.

This comes in after audio-only app Clubhouse has reached over ten million downloads. You can find out more about Clubhouse through our latest blog post, here.

What are the main changes?

Their payment feature, called Super Follows, will allow a Twitter user to charge their Followers for exclusive access to additional content. This could be in the form of bonus Tweets, access to a community group or even a subscription to a newsletter. Users may also receive a badge that indicates their support.

Image: Twitter.

As seen above, a user is charging $4.99 per month for their followers to receive a selection of perks.

Pay-For Subscription Services on Social

Announced last year, Instagram also started to roll out updates to their platform which allowed creators to make more money. This includes ads on IGTV videos and digital badges that fans can purchase through Instagram Live. In addition to this, creators can also merchandise their sales through Instagram Shopping.

Image: Facebook

TikTok also set up their payment to creators. Back in July, TikTok announced its Creator Fund Program, which allows for creators to be paid for their videos.

What do we think?

There’s a need for more options on all social platforms for creators to be paid for their work. Membership platforms such as Patreon provide creators with the easiest route to earn more money. On Patreon, creators can set-up membership levels which allows the follower to select how much they would like to spend, which coincides with the amount of bonus content they receive.

We believe that this is a perfect stepping-stone for social media platforms like Twitter to continue to implement more and more ways to pay their creators. In the end, it’s the content creators which we follow that make the social media platforms so special.

If you’re looking to catch-up on the latest Social Media and Influencer Marketing updates, read up on our Stories page.

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