Tweet Edit Button? Nah, Sorry Fam.

If that ever happens, we’ll be the first to tell you. Promise.

As we’ve talked about in previous articles, Twitter really wants to bring some sort of updates to their platform. Every time we write articles like this, we get really excited.

Then, nothing really happens. 

We really thought that Twitter would put their feeds in chronological order. This would apparently give the user an option to switch between chronological and ranked feeds.

@Twitter, where is it hun? 

As the best social media agency in Manchester and London, we guess we’ll talk about the new proposed ‘update’. After that, we’re dismissing all updates. Sorry, Jack Dorsey. We don’t think any are happening anytime soon, we ain’t getting our hopes up anymore.

According to representatives from the social media platform, they will be displaying tweets in a new way as part of their beta program.

We honestly think this is happening, because it looks bad.

The beta program will include these features displayed above. Such as speech bubbles, which kind of looks like iMessage or Facebook Messenger. Bad, really bad. There’s also some sort of colour scheme going on, too? This displays if you follow the users replying or not.

Can’t really say we’re too bothered, either.

We mean, it could be worse. There could be status availability also on the platform. Oh wait, there actually might be, looking at these screenshots. Not to panic, we’ll be the absolute first to tell you how to remove that one.

Fancy testing these features? The beta applications will be available in the upcoming weeks if you want it. You’ll have to give some feedback to Twitter about how much it looks awful though.

Where we a bit too harsh here? Do you like the new speech bubbles feature? Drop us a message and let’s have a debate about it.


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